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Street Lights are important to our security in Social Circle.

Street Lights are important to our safety in Social Circle


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If you notice any street lights out where you work or live in the Social Circle area, please report them by calling 770-464-2366.


Please try to be as accurate as possible when describing the location of the street light and use the nearest street address if available.  If you see a number on the pole, please include it in your report. We will then contact Georgia Power to address the issues.


Please share this with anyone who might be interested and please remember our folks who do not use the internet.  Give them a call.


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Police Department Awarded $10,000 Grant


SOCIAL CIRCLE GA | Tue August 13, 2013

During this fiscal year, the Social Circle Police Department was the recipient of a $10,000 grant award from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).  The grant was part of the GOHS Small Agency Incentive Grant Program and is currently being finalized.  The grant awarded federal funds that have been managed by the GOHS in the State of Georgia.

The grant was designed to fund traffic safety equipment to small law enforcement agencies for high visibility enforcement initiatives.  The grant was designed to provide law enforcement agencies, like the Social Circle Police Department, with adequate tools that they could use to efficiently and effectively enforce Georgia’s traffic laws and to educate the public on highway safety issues.

Through the GOHS grant, the Social Circle Police Department has purchased two computers and related items need for their installation and use by police officers in assigned police vehicles.  The additional equipment will assist the officers while they patrol the city and will make their time spent in the patrol cars more productive.  The vehicle based computers will allow the officers to communicate more efficiently and will allow the officers to make better use of their time while on patrol.  With the ability to spend more time in their patrol cars, the officers will also be more visible to the public through their increased time on the streets, rather than having to spend as much time at the Police Department offices completing incident reports.

Social Circle Police Chief Terry Sosebee related that law enforcement agencies, like ours, benefit greatly from federal and state administered grant programs.  The grants allow smaller agencies the ability to obtain equipment that is often outside their regular budgetary constraints.  The equipment that the grants help to provide assists the involved officers in enforcing Georgia’s traffic codes and criminal statutes, thereby saving countless lives in Georgia, Walton County, and within the City of Social Circle.


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Social Circle was founded in 1820 by several men who obtained the land by lottery. It was centered at the junction of two Indian trails known today as Cherokee Road and Hightower Trail (perhaps a corruption of Etowah). Incorporated in 1832 as a village,  in 1869 as a town, and in 1904 as a city, Social Circle, situated at the highest point of the Georgia Railroad, was a transportation hub for the area before the Civil War (1861-65). Its lines were destroyed during the war by Union general William T. Sherman's troops on their March to the Sea, but the town recovered and prospered after the war was over.

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